When you come to Holloway Tax Service for your tax preparation, the following refund options are available to you. Simply, choose from the options that best suits your need:

1. Paper Check:Refund check(s) mailed by the IRS and/or your State and arrives in approximately 4-6 weeks after your return has been accepted by the IRS or State.

2.Direct Deposit:Your refund(s) will be directly deposited by the IRS and/or your State into your bank account within 7- 21 days after the IRS or State has accepted your return.

3. NetSpend  Visa® Prepaid Card:Your refund(s) will be loaded on a NetSpend Visa® Prepaid Card within 7- 21 days after your return is accepted. Additional fees may apply.

4. Refund Transfer (RT):Your refund(s) will be directly deposited by the IRS and/or your State into a bank account opened in your name. You can pick up your refund in the form of a check printed in our office or have your refund deposited into your bank account or on a River City Elevate Visa®Prepaid Card. Refund Transfer disbursements are typically available within 7-21 days after electronically filing a tax return. Our office can provide you with more information about this option. Please note that additional fees apply.

For free tax advice or to schedule an appointment, contact our office by calling (315) 314-7769 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our online 'Contact Us' form.  



You can earn $25.00 for each new referral that you provide for us.  Ask us for more details!



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